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Usi tech doesn’ t appear to offer any other products outside of their forex trading software and btc packages. each btc package runs about $ 60 usd ( or about € 50), but is purchased in the equivalent of bitcoin at the current market price. there also isn’ t an option for signing up as a new member. the returns ( one percent daily payout on average over five days per week) sounded promising to some people.

however, after some time, they began to increasingly suspect that usi tech was really a ponzi scheme. make no mistake about it, their main service is the automated trading software. the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and there are certainly no guarantees of making a profit. 0 has zeroed my btc packages.

there is a one- time mining license fee of 3% on each package purchased and a 2% fee on each payment made. here is the deal usi provides: you can buy a bitcoin package for € 50 worth of btc at that given moment. so, if you are just diving into the cryptocurrency industry and you would love to earn without manually trading or mining, you can register on usi. all you need to do is register, make payments and start earning.

website: usitech. however, this exchange falls short and entices traders with free registration. it is important to note that usi was banned in the united states and canada. com- - get set up with cryptopia and buy electroneum ( etn) here: cryptopia. this is a special feature because most platforms require that you register and pay before you can benefit from their affiliate programs. includes; logging in and out, what btc packages are, partner rebuy, withdrawing btc and other special tips for usi- tech partners and customers: very useful information. according to one facebook groupdedicated solely to calling out the project as a scam, people associated with the project are now using new language to avoid getting caught. usi tech is taking off in australia and for good reason the btc package product that they offer is changing lives all around the world including australia. this should have been the only red flag needed for most people. in any pyramid scheme, this story could simply be a lie. it also stated ( without proof) that some people had already received 150 percent returns.

at first, a lot of people bought into this plan. the more packages you bought, the higher your return would be, allegedly. usi- tech announced an ambitious plan involving investing in btc mining packages last year. however, the registration of the business is actually from ras al khaimah, another city in the united arab emirates that is well known for its. sales hector rosa.

proof of cryptocurrency trades as well as owning significant peta- hash rates with btc blockchain is huge. 🔥 đăng ký tài khoản usi- tech:. as soon as you place the order, you’ ll have only 10 minutes to pay before a possible price change. - make money with token- packages from tech- coin: a review, consumer reviews, experiences and info on ico. register for usi tech: net/ go/ usi- tech/ how to on usi tech and a few things to consider for! the usi tech guys ar. usi- tech started as a pyramid scheme and now it’ s gone full ponzi. the user interface is clear and easy to navigate. in addition, the company publishes the available hash rate and the resulting daily mining results. your contract is 140% return on capital over 120 – 180 business days as you could be paid back the 140% quicker or maybe a little slower.

do not share or post this video on any social media publicly, or web groups, blogs, chats or facebook please. additionally, as of november, the usi tech website is still online. the usi- tech new btc package • earn 140% on your package; • approx 1% * every business day ( 5 days/ week) ; about 140 days to 140% ; usi tech btc package erfahrung • compound using your daily earnings to re- buy additional btc packages; • start with as little as $ 60 usd * varies from 0. however, the homepage is nothing but a login screen for existing members. the company provides mining facilities to customers on their investment.

0 from usi- tech are completely transparent. as a cryptocurrency investor, always be sure to investigate in- depth and make informed decisions. there is an option to contact customer service agents when you have difficulty. withdrawal success, but new usi tech site update 2. see full list on 7binaryoptions.

the problem with this decision however was that the us was by far usi- tech’ s largest source of. simply paying for a package activates your account. however, make sure that you don’ t use everything you have or take out a loan when you want to register. the risks attached are high, but many customers claim that they have earned significant profits from the automated trading and mining platform. see full list on 7binaryoptions. you can share the referral links on social media and tell people about how they can earn passive income by investing as little as € 50. things started off really well for the company but in time, it started to raise doubts in people' s minds. caving under pressure as mentioned, usi- tech’ s btc mining packages were suspicious from the start. all you have to do is visit the official website and follow the intuitive instructions to open an account. with this knowledge, you should be able to prevent yourself from falling for similar scams in the future. 6 btc and the price was pretty high then to boot.

while there is a lack of transparency on the platform, the rewards are impressive when compared to similar platforms. these included adsprofitreward, mx fast money, world consumer alliance, hourlyrevshare, adsprofitwiz, apr clicks, and upper game. geld verdienen durch unser partnerprogramm ( multi level marketing, networkmarketing, affiliate- marketing). what we do know is that joao severino and ralf gold founded the project. jicha also claimed “ usi- tech never had a problem in the usa and canada”. according to the order, the exchange refused to provide details about its operations to the texas state securities board and was subsequently tagged a securities fraud. furthermore, the site didn’ t provide much information about the products that usi tech was selling.

there are many negative reviews from clients who claim that the usi platform is a scam. get back to the person that sent you this video or register with our team here: 👉 ly/ 2zmse22 in this video i show you h. affiliates deposit 50 eur and receive a passive 1% daily roi, capped at 140%. usi tech revenue is created by automated trading, the packages, the ico, selling patented fusion energy, and soon the 3 million crypto atms and the crypto exchange. also, the company' s own wallet can be viewed, in which the mining results are booked.

the platform generates money by mining bitcoin automatically and performing arbitrage trading with your investment. latest email update explains whats going on, or does it? usi tech - bewertung usi- tech btc- mining- packages btc 2. usi tech will be able to show proof they are moving over 1% of total btc on the blockchain coming soon. the basis for the commission amount is the respective btc- package price less 3% mining license fee. btc packages started out at around 50 euros each.

usi tech ( united software intelligence technology) is a company that claimed to develop the world’ s first automated trading platform for bitcoin ( btc). in the case of the usi tech owners, the evidence couldn’ t be clearer. apart from the usi tech btc package erfahrung regular recruitment commission, you’ ll also earn residual commission on a 3 x 12 matrix. you’ ll need to hurry up when you’ re placing an order because of the volatile nature of bitcoin. unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges, usi tech offers its customers commissions for every new customer they invite. this company is known to scam people for over 400 million in two years. more importantly, it’ s crucial to learn from cases like this. they offer the customers packages. you can leave it for months while your dividend grows. usi tech - btc package* ni kampuni ya kimarekani, inayokuwezesha * ku triple* bit coin* zako ndani ya siku 140 * packages zake nikama ifuatavyo na malipo yake ya kila siku*.

very good training from our upline scott nelson. infousi- tech info bitcoin ( btc) package - details, marketing, commissions, promotionusi- tech info vp of u. most companies prefer to share the team details but usi tech. third, you shouldn’ t blindly trust success stories about how people made money through investing in a particular cryptocurrency, product, etc. so yesterday i did some research on usi tech bitcoin packages.

looking at these promises, it’ s clear that this was too good to be true. the payout comes daily from monday to friday. the company also claimed to be based usi tech btc package erfahrung in dubai. the usi tech btc packages product– usi tech is a true bitcoin multiplier where you can earn on the bitcoin you deposited not the dollar value.

however, there is a possibility that a mobile app will be developed soon. apart from all the options that you have to earn after registration, you can also decide not to purchase any bitcoin packages but earn 10% on every person you invite to join the platform. for each household only one affiliate account is allowed. when you purchase a bitcoin package, you’ re are guaranteed a daily payout of 1% erfahrung over 140 days. it’ s absolutely incredible. first, usi tech btc package erfahrung sending funds to a third- party that guarantees high returns is generally a bad idea. at the same time, many others claim that they have made a lot of money on the platform. even if the platform doesn’ t agree, there are many claims that it is a ponzi scheme and if there is anything certain about ponzi schemes, it’ s that they all crash eventually. the commission is as high as 50% of the original investment.

usi- tech’ s btc package seems to only be governed by securities laws. regardless if you are someone who lost funds from this scam or chose to stay away from this particular one, there are a lot of things to take away from usi tech btc package erfahrung the usi tech story. before starting usi tech, severino was banned from all financial activity in portugal because of his involvement with another scam company called amc invest. when did usi tech first option recovery start? however, new rumors are cultivating about them expanding on a cryptocurrency platform ( details to be released at the next event). the roc or return on capital is a rate of roughly 1% per day returned to you in bitcoin. as current investors remain unpaid and the outstanding cease and desist order issued by the texas securities division, the company has informed usi tech btc package erfahrung that it will not accept new investment. when texas issued usi- tech with a cease and desist and provide evidence of external roi revenue, rather than do so the company hastily terminated operations in the us. at the time, the platform accused its affiliates of being responsible for the ban, a move that wasn’ t noble.

the company initially started in and was operating till the late november of. the account opening process is free. click on the following link to view and download the step- by- step guide on how to purchase btc packages via usi- tech: purchase btc package. the btc packages are basically mining contracts and the daily returns they offer are based on the returns from this mining. the btc package is € 50, and according to the exchange, it will give you at least 1% return over 140 days. october : usi tech opens tech coin ico and gets members to hand back over 11, 500 btc from the same payments they were receiving from multiplier packages and member purchases december : alleged ethereum mining pools finally show up on a blockchain explorer after over 8 months and counting but ends up fading fast and being a debacle.

usi tech: usitech- int. the commissions are payable immediately after each confirmed or activated btc- package purchase of a partner. like bitconnect the daily returns are not. when did usi tech start selling btc packages? starting in may, usi tech started concentrating on selling btc packages to traders and miners who wanted to automate these activities.

each package came in at around 50 euros, so if you had 100 packages for example, you would roughly make a bitcoin/ btc equivalent of 50 euros a day 5 days a week ( weekdays). see full list on coincentral. there isn’ t any content on the platform about how trading works, what algorithms are required or news about the cryptocurrency trading industry. the usi tech compensation rewards plan is not too difficult to understand once grasping all the available options to choose from. also an earnings simulator is also provided in. join usi tech & start earning today: gl/ xanucf. for example, usi tech openly operated as a multilevel network marketing company, which made many people view it as a pyramid scheme from the start. apart from this, crypto assets are volatile, making the promises on usi a little too good to be true. still, don’ t let this fool you into falling for this specific scam or a similar one.

since there is an automated trading software available, you don’ t need to do much to earn. many members were already experienced scam artists well before working for usi tech. the brokage fee is affordable, and it applies only to deposits and withdrawals because registration is free. you can start with as little as 50 euro in bitcoin they pay on average 1% daily for 140 working days ( mon – fri) that’ s your original purchase price back plus 40%. how to buy btc packages. however, many also do not. the company also claimed to offer a staggering 140 percent return over the course of a 140- day package. the use- tech desktop experience is just like the web experience.

since march, usi tech has begun making huge headlines throughout the usa for its low- level entry point in investing bitcoin into usi tech’ s btc package program with guaranteed profit. i kept reinvesting and got my packages upto 185 and then decided i wanted to pull my money out. you can buy your bitcoins from any of the legitimate dealers and use it to pay for the package you want. 0: erfahrungen, registrieren, test und informationen. in an update sent out to usi- tech affiliates sometime over the last 24 hours, the company has revealed its “ repayment plan for btc pack 1.

usitech btc- packages - launched the affiliate program for tech- coin - ico with 1 billion token and the opportunity to earn a lot over 12 generations / level. hopefully, you now have all of the information you need to know about usi tech and the company’ s large- scale cryptocurrency scam. the platform claims that it has a target of 40% return on investment daily, although it is currently not near this level. so, you need a bitcoin wallet. as we’ ve covered in a previous article, there is another blatant scam on twitter similar to this. in the case of usi tech, the latter was true. the btc package is the main offering from usi- tech. usi tech is a forex and cryptocurrency trading company that also does cryptocurrency mining. without putting hands- on efforts into executing trades or mining bitcoins, you can earn dividends on your investment. for example, members have been told to avoid using terms like “ return of capital” and “ investment.

opening an account on usi is straightforward. whereas mt4 trading software as software code is obviously legal ( not so much what usi- tech do with it), the 140% roi btc packages are stand- alone. but how did the company pull it off in the first place? is there a compensation plan for usi tech? previous previous post: usi tech results 200% roc week 4 of the case study 0 - 1k passive income with bitcoin & usi tech next next post: usi tech btc product explained – how to multiply your bitcoin in 140 days or less. the package prices and possible returns per package are listed on the platform. the btc- mining- package btc 2.

you will pay the bitcoin equivalent of € 50 for each package, and you also have the option to choose more than one package. in conclusion, it is important to note that the cryptocurrency industry is still relatively new and under- regulated. still, there were other factors that point to the malicious nature of the company. a lot of cryptocurrency project websites provide tons of relevant information about founders and team members.

25, in usi- tech. the limited information on the website isn’ t exactly helpful as transparency is one of the key factors that traders look out for before they register on an exchange. the more packages you buy, the more you’ ll earn daily. tech coin purchasing, btc package purcha.

according to the founders and leaders, all of this was possible because of usi tech’ s bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency mining connections. even worse, ralph gold had been involved in all sort of ponzi usi tech btc package erfahrung scheme companies. there have been no reports of hacks over the years, so the security measures are. : usi- tech - earn money with the tech- coin ico and token- packages:! there is also an opportunity to earn the brokerage commission, which comes from the usi fees that accumulate when your recruits use the usi software to buy cryptocurrencies. even the earliest investments would have only expired recently ( 140 days), leaving the majority of commissions derived via recruitment – most of while at 6 months in would have been rolled back into new investment. – 15% for company expenses. these packages include btc ltc eth and several other wells know crypto- currency. these btc mining packages seemed suspicious from the start, and usi- tech recently confirmed this much after announcing an end to its affiliate back- office crypto mining charade. deposits on this platform must be done in bitcoins.

there is currently no mobile app for usi on android and ios devices. the usi tech ico can make great returns on your bitcoin by compounding! the usi tech btc package contract lasts for 140 working days give or take, over those 140 days usi tech will return to you 140% of the bitcoin you purchased from the btc package. after the official launch in april and considering the number of scams that are currently r around the crypto- currencies, usi- tech is committed to provide detailed information proving the reality of trading and mining associated with its btc packages, as it had already done with the forex robot. as per the official company announcement; the income from the direct sale of a btc 2. usi tech versus genesis mining btc packages. however, put in context with the bull market of late and the introduction of new/ eager traders, it’ s easy to see how some people could fall for this.

this video will show you how you can take advantage of compound interest results and turn $ 5000 worth of bitcoin into over $ 40, 000 in just 140 business days. even though there is ample information about the scam available from various sources online, the usi tech owners and team members are still trying to fool potential investors. my introduction into crypto and bitcoin was with usi tech i got 113 packages from 26th of november until the 4th of december at a cost of 0. second, it’ s essential to research the project’ s background. two days ago usi- tech co- founder horst jicha reassured canadian affiliates they “ will now be able to buy btc packages”. usi- tech shirk ponzi roi liability after bogus audit. 25% ; avg 1% participate in the usi tech btc package erfahrung profits from our bitcoin mining, trading and.

usi- tech car program • more than btc- packages: 800 eur monthly car subsidy. 0 package sales is split as follows: – 35% to commissions for the referring upline. they promise a payout on this every working day of 0, 75% - 1, 25 and 1% on average. it flaunts the same look and feel of a typical automated bitcoin trading platform. recently usi tech founders and leaders toured australia introducing people to the company and how everyday australian can build wealth with their bitcoin trading packages. the platform itself is solely for investment. i got 3 payments and then my account was wiped and the new 2. which one is more viable and legit?

the fcaa is urging ‘ anyone contacted by usi- tech or any of their representatives‘ to contact the fcaa securities division. 0 packages were only valid and the 1. are there any other products from usi tech? since usi- tech is an automated trading platform, there is no need for research tools, educationor insights. usi tech’ s automated software was supposed to provide a way for users to make passive income. on the project website, there wasn’ t much info about who the usi tech owners were. from a regulatory standpoint, certifying usi- tech’ s btc packages as a securities offering is straight- forward. this is where it gets tricky. chỉ mua các gói „ btc- package“ giá 50 eur ( 59 usd), thanh toán bằng btc, payza, 2pay4you là các bạn đã cùng đồng hành với usi tech! it hasn’ t left the mlm underbelly, so to speak. ” in the future, it’ s even possible that the company could change its name to keep the pyramid scheme going.

don' t yet have an account? in december, a cease- and- desist order was filed against the company, forcing them to shut down operations. just recently usi tech is now showing on the ether mining hash tag rates. so, your returns are higher as the value of bitcoin goes up. that and usi- tech only started btc packs 6 months ago. this makes it difficult to determine the “ change” that the platform is referring to.

however, the payout could be more depending on several factors.

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